Spider Gods

by Spider Gods

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The first album


released January 14, 2014

Recorded by our drummer, Todd at 360 Audio in Louisville, Ky. between October and December 2013.



all rights reserved


Spider Gods Louisville, Kentucky

Timsey Croffs - bass
Johny O'blivion - vocals
Slick Sanchez - guitar
Aaron the Machine - drums

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Track Name: Solitary
Nobody said nothing to me, standing alone with nobody.
It seems to me that what you all see is not the real me.
Can you see me or am I to be forever unseen?
Why don't you care, can't you be there?
I need your love and you need my love.
Track Name: Pumping Dreams
Everything that I feel feels so real to me,
but I won't say a thing, you'd just disagree.
Now I feel that my heart is pumping dreams,
I can feel them coursing through the streams.
I've been tired of waiting and going to extremes.
I'm suffocated and splitting at the seams.
Is it overrated and made into something that
it could never compare to, through some eyes that have
had too much world exposure eating away from the inside
I'm still thinking it over, because I really fucking tried.
Everything that I do, it means something to me
and I'll do it without you, but you won't even see.
Track Name: Often Unspoken
I didn't want to go alone, I just wanted to go.
I tried to tell you on the phone, but I didn't even know
how to put into words a feeling
that is often unspoken.
The only way I can be more clear
is if I just disappear.
Don't tell me that "I told you so",
because you don't know a thing.
You're so full of shit
you're kidding yourself with all those things you think.
So how do we learn to forget
and why does it feel so much like regret?
And everything else is gone
except a memory that you're holding on.
Track Name: These Broken Parts
I need to go out with friends, I can't be alone
alone in this tomb that I call a home.
I started out good, but I ended up sad
the neglect of your love has made me bad.
My heart, my thoughts, and these broken parts.
I can feel myself dying
Drain my brain, erase all these thoughts
because I'm naked and crying / waking and trying.
Change my ways and fill up my days
with the sun that is shining.
Release my anger in much better ways
than the tears that I'm shedding.
My fucked up past has made me mad
maybe I lost the best thing I ever had,
or maybe the best is yet to come.
It's bad to feel old, but it's good to feel young.
Track Name: Silent Observation
You talk so much, do you ever stop?
Go to your mountain and climb to the top.
In observation of our dreaming,
these words will fail to capture the meaning.
But it's good to know your fuel hasn't run down,
and that the fire inside you hasn't burned out.
And I know that everything will be alright now.
I'm turning up the noise to drown your voice out.
Moments in time in a book of mine
from a past that I left behind.
In silent observation of my dreaming
these words are stripped of all their meaning.
The real world through the accounts of a child's eyes,
and all of those things we never realize.
Like lying awake in a dream state
with bleeding hearts on the landscape.
I know that everything will be alright,
I hope that everything will be alright.
Can you put it off for just one night?
Can you put it off for the rest of your life?
Track Name: Helplessness
There's nothing I could do for you that you couldn't do for me.
There's nothing I could say to you that would make you see
I get so down and you get so down,
we go down together.
This dark cloud that hangs around'
will it stay forever?
Helplessness, or hopelessness,
I don't know which is better.
I'm such a mess thinking of this
when it doesn't even matter.
Nothing I could say to you that would make you see,
I am not as quite immune as I would like to be.
Track Name: Hurts To Smile
I hope I can wake up and this is just a dream.
I hope I can look up and see what I haven't seen.
Am I the only one
to say that this is wrong?
How am I all alone
in a place I don't belong?
I've been here before, but it seems that you never will be.
This is not how I thought my life would be.
A sign passed in a dream,
something that said something.
There's nothing I can say,
it hurts my face to smile today.
Track Name: They All Have Gods
Leave it all behind,
this will all be fine
without you for a day.
No one cares anyway.
Take it in your hands.
The rules were made by them,
but they're just like you,
only when they talk
people listen
for whatever reason.
Examples are shit,
just do what's right,
or what feels right to you
in your own mind.
They all have gods for you,
and you can buy them, too.
Question all you find.
It's on sale all the time.
Track Name: Pointless Marks
Doesn't anyone care,
does anyone think it's fair?
Can you say a blackened prayer
for the world and it's despair?
I'm lurking in the shadows,
I'm hiding in the dark.
I'm fighting pointless battles
that are leaving pointless marks.
It's all leading nowhere
and it does me no good.
I'm tired of being nowhere
doing nothing how I should.
Don't you feel like me?
Can't you see what I see?
There's no room for change
if it all stays the same.
I'm standing in the corner,
I want to be like you.
So if I shook your hand,
would I see things like you do?
I lurk in your subconscious,
I'm alone in all your bars.
I'm fighting personal battles
that are leaving pointless scars.